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Classic Scooterist Scene Magazine

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Classic Scooterist Scene Magazine

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6 issues per year.
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APR-MAY,  released 18/03/2020
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Features: Danny Loder

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Next Issue: JUN-JUL, Due:20/05/2020
Sometimes there are magazines that aren’t quite sure of their audience and try to cover a little too much, sometimes there are those that know exactly who their audience are. Pitched firmly at the scooter enthusiast, Classic Scooterist Scene Magazine covers all things Scooter.

Classic Scooterist Scene covers the latest scooter rally news and scooter news in general, but is more concerned with the classically designed past. Within its pages you will find scooter nostalgia, tips and guides aimed at helping in the restoration of past glories, examples of some of the readers’ lovingly restored classics as well as classifieds and product reviews. Whether you’re working on a Vespa or lovingly restoring a Lambretta, if you love scooters then we recommend Classic Scooterist Scene.

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Ever written or said a word so many times that it becomes a meaningless collection of sounds? Well, that happened to us with the word ‘scooter’ just then. But that’s beside the point. What CSC (it saves writing scooter again, although we just wrote scooter now. And again. Oh, the humanity) does well is to make a hobby and lifestyle seem really, really appealing.

Not only is there the potential sense of incredible satisfaction after restoring to life a classic scooter that seemed beyond repair, but the thought of taking it out for a spin around the world is rather appealing. After all, the Vespas and Lambrettas of this world were designed to work wonderfully in the narrow and twisting streets of Italy. Why not make an epic road trip of it and taking your now shiny scooter from your garage in suburbia to the sun-soaked locales of Milan, Rome or Naples. Travel across countries, exploring the local cultures, eating the local foods and drinking the local beer. Once you arrive in Italy you will no doubt be welcomed as a locale as they recognise the craftsmanship of your beautiful scooter, and whenever you head back home you’ll have a thousand stories to tell.

Oh, and if you can invent some kind of silencer (there’s a reason Vespa is Italian for wasp) whilst you’re at it, the rest of us will be most appreciative! NB


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