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American V Magazine

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6 issues per year.
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NO 107,  released 16/04/2022
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Next Issue: NO 108, Due:26/05/2022

PLEASE NOTE! Due to Covid-19, issues 102 and 103 were released in digital format only, however the great news is that the print publication is returning shortly! Issue 104 will be a 300+ page bumper issue which will include issues 102 and 103, plus lots of other great features. It will be available beginning of December 2020. American V Club will launch aside it as well. Exciting times!

A magazine devoted to covering some classic American motorbikes, American-V is absolutely jammed with everything an enthusiast of these legendary bikes could desire.

American-V magazine brings, perhaps unsurprisingly, a focus on the mighty Harley-Davidson, with features veering all the different variants produced by the company, as well as other lesser known brands. Written from an expert point of view and a British perspective, this magazine covers the latest models, news, great features on biking lifestyle, customisation and reviews and information about all the kit you need, from cam drive systems to air cleaners and other components. What’s more, this is topped off with a great tour diary section, covering the (mis)adventures of bikers around the world.

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Whenever we get a magazine like this there’s only one thing that comes to our minds: Road Trip!

There’s nothing quite like the feeling of setting off across a country, or even better countries, with a few mates in tow. It really doesn’t matter whether this is by car, bike or a combination of the two, just get out there and raise hell.

Back in one of my many different lives, between being a high-profile international assassin and medal-winning Olympic athlete, I was a musician. Whilst there were obviously many different perks to this that modesty forbids me from mentioning, the greatest experience was going on tour. This was not a proper tour really, as we never got that well-known, but it was nevertheless about five gigs across England over the space of about a week, with three cars, a fair few musicians and hangers on and a ton of equipment. Some of the best parts were travelling to a new city each day, seeing the sights, playing the gig, collapsing in the hotel and then heading out the next morning. Truly memorable stuff. There was absolutely no trouble, except for the one night in Nottingham where a thief broke into one of the cars and nabbed the GPS, carefully ignoring the couple of grands worth of musical equipment rather innocently left in the back.

Anyway, get out there and go road tripping – it’ll be great as long as you don’t go to Nottingham. NB


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