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Multihulls World Magazine

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6 issues per year.
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83,  released 11/04/2022
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The world’s leading catamaran-based publication, Multihulls World brings you the message ‘one hull bad, two (or three!) hulls good!’

Each issue of Multihulls World brings you all the latest news from the pontoons, features on famous multihullers and reports from the global manufactures of multihulled boats. There is practical advice on getting the best out of your boat, and comprehensive and thorough tests of all the latest models built, along with features following the voyages of some Multihull owners as they explore the globe, all accompanied by some stunning and beautiful photography of the elegant boats in action.

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For landlubbers like us here at Newsstand, if you offered us the choice between a boat with one hull or a boat with two we would look at you in a most confused manner. If, however, patient person that you are, you took the time to explain to us what that actually meant we would plainly and obviously say that a multihull is better.

It’s hard to understand why anyone would settle for only one hull – frankly our perspective is the more the merrier. Mulithulled boats (we love the word Catamarans actually, simply because when we were young we though it was ‘cat meringues’. True story) are safer, sturdier yet at the same time far more elegant than a single hulled monolith. They seem to skip through the water, cutting through it with the simplest ease rather than ploughing through it, with the ocean fighting every step of the way.

It was a great shame, therefore, when the SeaCat company folded in 2004. The services they provided were fast and exciting, particularly for the young amongst us who still remember the distinct and stylish appearance of the ferries. Bring back the Cat! NB


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