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Bus Fayre Magazine

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2 issues per year.
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SUM 23,  released 14/07/2023
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Bus Fayre magazine is a specialist bus magazine aimed at bus enthusiasts, historians, and those involved in the bus transport industry. It studies buses and coaches from the past and present, those no longer operating and those still gracing our bus routes, those running all over the country, and some which are strictly localised. It’s a detailed, informative foray into the whole world of buses. This is just the kind of niche topic that the British magazine industry does so well. Even if you don’t appreciate the bus, you should always have a copy on your bookshelf..

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Bus Fayre provides a full fare of fair buses, a fairly fascinating foray into the bus and coach world, historic and modern. Tap into the bus and coach community of enthusiasts, with details of bus fayres and events all over the country, and bus and coach news, both regional and national.

The ability to travel quicker and more efficiently has revolutionised the world, bringing us all closer together. Buses are part of this extraordinary movement, uniting people hundreds of miles apart, as well as being part of our daily routines, to and from the shops, or visiting relatives on the other side of town.

Buses are an integral cog in our every day lives. Where would a city be without its bus service? Nobody could get anywhere, the roads would be choked with frustrated single drivers, the pedestrians would be choking on the fumes from all the cars, and the people too old, young, infirm, or who just never learnt to drive would remain trapped and isolated in their homes.

Historic and vintage buses have played a big part in history: serving the people, and making the cities and country lanes that we live in today what they are. Bus Fayre magazine recognises the efforts and achievements of both modern and historic buses and their drivers, bringing you information and insight into an often unappreciated slice of our lives.

This magazine issues every 2 months, so pay for a single copy, or the full fare for a subscription and ride the route for as long as you like.

Bus Fayre is for enthusiasts, historians and those working in the industry and examines buses and coaches past and present with regional and major group news.


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