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Classic Plant & Machinery Magazine

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FEB 20,  released 17/01/2020
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Features: Crawler, Massey Ferguson

£6.17 inc. p&p to United Kingdom
Next Issue: MAR 20, Due:21/02/2020 £6.17 
A delightfully niche publication, Classic Plant & Machinery is firmly aimed at devoted enthusiasts of classic industrial vehicles and machinery and fills the small market gap superbly.

Written by experts with many years of experience, this magazine is full of informative and in-depth articles covering every aspect of the hobby. There are a multitude of slightly melancholy yet nonetheless striking images of rusting old working machinery, that hint at a golden age of plant vehicles now beginning to fade away. A great read for anyone interested in either the history or the process of restoring these slumbering iron behemoths to their former magnificence.

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There is a community for everything. That is the message that gets driven home to me every time I sit here and write descriptions for the vast array of magazines we have in stock here at Newsstand. Wherever your interests lie, you can be certain that somewhere there will be like-minded people who share your interests, whether it be a curious and marginal sport, a slightly niche vehicle restoration hobby or the history of just about everything in, well, history.

This is great, and shows just how wonderfully diverse the world is. After all, wouldn’t it be terribly boring if we were all the same? If we all looked the same, ate the same food, worked the same kind of jobs, drove the same cars to the same houses and the same families (not quite sure how that last one would work, perhaps some kind of time-share arrangement)? The world would be dull, bland and grey, rather than the surprisingly brightly coloured one we live in now. So, let’s celebrate the ridiculously esoteric, the marvellously marginalised and the unusually unconglomerated, and raise a glass to the wonders of difference and those who carve out their own path through the forest of life. NB


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