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Flying Scale Models Magazine

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12 issues per year.
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NOV 23,  released 12/10/2023
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Next Issue: DEC 23, Due:14/12/2023
Flying Scale Models is an ideal magazine for those intrigued by planes of all shapes and sizes. It’s filled with great little factoids about old and new planes and their model counterparts, feature pieces on flying throughout history, model designs and how to repair them and information on where the best model flying conventions are, and when they are taking place. There is a real satisfaction in following the step by step guides that can be found in Flying Scale Models and getting your model plane right, so you can have your own miniature airport filled with history’s most innovative designs.

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The magazine was first published in 1997 and has been a favourite magazine coming out monthly ever since. Aimed at those interested in creating scale replicas of historical planes, it covers all progression of the hobby throughout history, such as the change from gliders to electronic radio control models. Initially, man started out with kites, gliders and hot-air balloons as means of exploring the skies, but it is widely assumed that the Wright Brothers had the best knowledge of aerodynamics in 1907, and were the first to build a man-carrying practical aircraft, that took its pilot from the ground and back to it avoiding damage. From then, the field of aviation has grown in leaps and bounds, and air travel is now vital to our society via war, business, travel and the postal service. Planes have become an accepted and highly technological part of modern life, and it is an industry that makes millions of dollars every year. So, why wouldn’t you want to capture that genius is scale form? Building model aircrafts has been a popular hobby since air travel was made more publically available, and people take delight in recreating these poignant pieces from our world’s history.


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