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Wylde Magazine

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2 issues per year.
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Current Issue

16,  released 30/10/2019
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Features: Banks, Russel Tovey, Ella Hope Merryweather, Molly Windsor

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Hugely impressive, and impressively huge, Wylde is a stunning bi-annual photography, culture fashion and visual arts magazine, with a few fascinating interviews thrown in for good measure.

The large scale format – it really is impressively sized – gives the exquisite full page photography that forms the majority of Wylde’s content the space to full express itself. Each issue offers photographic explorations of style and fashion – with handy explanations of who designed the clothes in the shoots – as well as more esoteric and shocking subject matters. Gorgeous, strange and a little bit crazy, all in one impressively sized publication, and at a cost that we think represents hugely good value.

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If we sold magazines by the foot, Wylde would soon have us out of business. This substantially sized publication can rival the heavyweights such as the intimidating Box fashion magazine – varieties of which are stocked here at Newsstand – and whilst it is not quite as chunky when it comes to length, it is undeniably good value for the cost.

As well as being an excellent collection of fashion, photography, culture and art, the sheer size of it means that it has other potential practical uses. Say you were stuck on one side of a river and needed to cross it? Simply use an issue of Wylde as an impromptu raft. Need to construct a small fort? Wylde could provide the building blocks of your castle.

We kid, of course, it isn’t actually big enough to do this, but it is still a hugely impressive publication to plonk down on your coffee table and show off to any visitors.

We would like to close by saying how much we admire Wylde’s editorial stance and mission. Their website is frankly frighteningly precise, predicting that they will have a 55% - 45% Female – Male readership (though those figures don’t apply to one gender-mixed reader hopefully), but the message regarding content warms our esoteric hearts: ‘The main focus will be fashion, but ultimately if a story looks amazing it will go in.’ Good stuff. NB


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