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Practical Photography Magazine

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12 issues per year.
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AUG 20,  released 02/07/2020
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Features: Landscapes, Lighting, Lenses, Motion

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Next Issue: SEP 20, Due:30/07/2020
Take better photos is the mission of Practical Photography magazine, one that it goes a long way to helping its readers achieve.

Practical Photography is aimed at the passionate photographer – both amateur and professional and is a helpful and valuable guide to improving your photography in all areas. This informative mag is written by experts with years of experience in the field, and their friendly advice will help you improve your technique and find inspiration for that sought after snap. To help you get the best photos possible there are also reviews and tests of the latest kit; cameras, flash guns, and more, as well as guides to using photo software for those who don’t mind a little bit of cheating.

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Photography is one of those hobbies (or professions) where people get a little bit confused at what level they might be at. Give someone a camera and they will say they are a photographer, but you wouldn’t pay them to take photos of your wedding. An unskilled camera-man or woman with an expensive camera will take far worse shots than a skilled operator with the most basic of kit.

A camera is a highly complex, sensitive and technical piece of technology that is more akin to a musical instrument than to how most people treat it. Plug an electric guitar into an amp and give it to someone who has never played before. They might be able to get a few, discordant sounds out of it, but not much more. They wouldn’t call themselves a guitarist. Being a photographer is something that takes time, skill and dedication to master – gaining insight into composition, lens angle and type, exposure time and so on to find the very best shot possible. Just as someone who’s never played a guitar before might eventually hit the right note, so occasionally someone unskilled in photography might take a brilliant picture, but we would like to see a little more respect for those who have taken the time to master their craft. NB


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