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27/03/2020,  released 27/03/2020
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Proudly claiming itself to be ‘the real dog paper for real dog people’, we can indeed confirm that Our Dogs is a great weekly newspaper that you would be proud to have your pooch bring to you.

Each issue offers plenty of dog-related news from all the clubs across the UK, with a particular focus on pedigree show dogs. It also offers a thought-provoking comment section and looks at some of the thorny issues in dog-world, along with advice and columns from great writers (and dog-owners!). It also features reports from dog shows around the world, a gun dog section and classified ads.

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The dog is unlike any other pet – it offers a fantastic blend of loyalty, friendliness, companionship, joy and obedience. Some other pets are too small and too unintelligent to be anything other than mild diversions running in a wheel in a cage or nibbling the grass on the lawn – we of course love these pets, but you can’t ever truly know them the way that you can a dog.

The other common pet animal that rivals the dog for smarts is of course the cat, but frankly we don’t own cats, they own us. It is a fascinating and possibly apocryphal statistic that more people claim to own cats in the USA than there are cats. It is revealing factoid, regardless of truth.

You have to put a lot of effort into properly caring for a dog – those early morning walks, worrisome trips to the vet, costly meals of course lots of loving attention. And of course those tennis balls don’t throw themselves. What all of us who have dogs know, however, is that you get far more back. Whether you have a fine, high class pedigree dog whose family history goes back further than yours, or simply a lovable mongrel who’s a bit of everything, you have a loyal companion, someone who would love a long walk in the countryside followed by a trip to the pub. Speaking of which… NB


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