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Military History Us Magazine

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Military History Us Magazine

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10 issues per year.
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MHQ SUM 23,  released 04/08/2023
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Features: Winston Churchill

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Next Issue: FALL, Due:08/09/2023
Military History magazine is one of the longest running and most popular war history magazines, examining land, naval and air warfare from the distant past to the late 20th century - with a US slant. Every issue scrutinizes the commanders, battles, weaponry and campaigns that changed and shaped the world in incisive and revealing articles by the top writers and historians. This is just the kind of quality specialist magazine that makes Newsstand get up in the mornings.

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Whether you’re interested in the tactics that shaped the outcomes of major battles, or the smaller details like the armour and weaponry that contributed to the ending, Military History magazine has plenty to fascinate and delight both the interested amateur historian and the military history professional.

Much that we know of ancient times consists of information about their warfare: the battles, conquests, and technological innovations that shaped the ancient world. Ancient warfare is better documented than many other aspects of ancient times: while domestic practices were seen to be too irrelevant or commonplace to warrant documentation, the practices of warfare featured hugely in both factual writings and fictional epics.

Major battles and conquests were considered worthy of recording, either in an epic such as the Iliad or the Odyssey, or passed down through the aural tradition to become the stuff of legends.

More recently, the need for more effective weaponry and tools in modern warfare has produced some of the most staggering technological and scientific advances in recent times: nuclear weapons, for example. Military History magazine examines the impact of all kinds of warfare on the path of history, in an informed, fresh way.

March, sail, or fly through military history, from ancient times to the modern day, with Military History magazine. Newsstand puts you in command of your subscription: you can buy a single copy, or take out a subscription of the length of your choice.


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