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Military History Matters Magazine

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Military History Matters Magazine

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12 issues per year.
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FEB-MAR,  released 14/01/2021
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Features: Nazis, Malta, Royal Navy

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An intelligently written yet highly accessible history magazine covering the conflicts of the past, Military History Monthly (a renaming of Military Times) is the UK’s leading military history mag.

Military History Monthly is written by a variety of experts, ranging from history professors to past servicemen, and as such brings a range opinions and viewpoints onto its subject matter. Different conflicts, wars and battles are covered here, from World War Two to Waterloo, and all are examined in-depth. There are also biographical features examining some of the famous names, soldiers and generals throughout time, as well as reviews of DVDs, TV programmes and military books. This mag deserves your, wait for it… wait for it… Attention!

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No matter what period you examine as a historian you can be certain of one thing. Cultures and values change, civilisations and religions rise and fall, but people are always people, wherever they are. As a result you get war, and if you will excuse the obscure cultural reference, war never changes.

Nah, just kidding, of course it does. Otherwise this magazine would be a tad boring. Instead, within the expertly written pages of Military history monthly you can find features on that most human of things – fighting – throughout the ages. It’s always made sense to fight – the strong hold what they do, and take what they can, and though this may not be the attitude taken by world leaders today it was the mantra by which everyone governed their countries until much more recently than you might think.

We have a sneaking suspicion that the majority of war historians, and the likely readership of this mag, are male, as war has always seemed more of a fascinating topic to men rather than women. It is clearly because women have more sense, whilst us fellows can be swept away by tales of heroism, valour, bravery and, more often than not, stupidity. Of fighting against the odds and overcoming them, of taking a stand, of stubbornness. War is the natural male reaction to being slighted, which really does suggest the world would be better off with women in charge. NB


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