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Sound & Vision Magazine

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12 issues per year.
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JUN-JUL,  released 01/07/2022
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Features: Subwoofers

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Sound and Vision magazine is designed for the readers who love all aspects of home entertainment and are interested in knowing more about the latest technology available for enjoying the current best films and game releases. It is one of the best authorities in the business for keeping readers up to date with the latest new developments in the exciting and constantly evolving industry.

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Nowadays we would much rather stay in and watch the latest films on a snazzy blu ray DVD player than venture outside to pay a fortune for cinemas or the theatre. While these are nice places to go every so often, the raging price increases are frankly making us annoyed.

Who can deny that they wouldn’t love a state of the art TV to slob out in front off while in your pyjamas, its always great to get entertainment in the comfort of your own home. We suggest that you make some popcorn and munch as loudly as you can because frankly no one will tell you to ‘ssssh’, unless of course your friends get annoyed easily!

The last time we went to the cinema the people to our right were on their phones and the person to our left had a cold and was sneezing every two minutes! There’s nothing like having your own space to relax in without the annoying habits of strangers. Yes, we do realise that we sound very anti-social but we get annoyed when paying a fortune for a film and it’s eventually ruined by someone sneezing! Rant over!

To conclude our ramble, the point is that this magazine will show you the best and latest new home entertainment products around. Readers can comfortably watch films and play games without needing to leave the comfort of their own sofa!


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