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Sunday Times Travel Magazine

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12 issues per year.
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NOV 20,  released 01/10/2020
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Features: Italy

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Next Issue: DEC 20, Due:05/11/2020
A travel magazine from one of the world’s leading newspaper’s? That’s got to be something good, and the Sunday Times Travel Mag is a really solid, highly impressive publication. What sets this mag aside from the other travel publications out there – for there are many – is the quality of the journalism and reports inside. It features fascinating articles exploring the locations and culture of travel destinaitons from Amsterdam to Zimbabwe, and is packed full of information regarding where to stay, what to eat, what to do whilst you’re there, and all the details such as travel gear, flights, transport and so on. Gorgeous destinations, fantastic photography and quality journalism make this a compelling read for any would-be traveller.

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We’re packed and ready to go. A chance to escape the humdrum activities of normal life, to abscond from the office, to run away from the mundane and really experience something different. You may not have heard, but the world is a pretty big place. Huge really. Frankly it is almost beyond comprehension. There are some people who live their entire life in one village, getting to know it well, knowing all the people, almost becoming part of the landscape. Not us. We love to explore, to experience, to travel the world and see those things few others have, to relax on white-sand beaches, climb far-flung mountains, live for a week in a yurt… We love to do all of that. There is, however, something holding us back. And that thing is money – to do all this you really need to be something of a millionaire, or very good at blagging your way. We are neither, being both far too honest and unable to afford any butlers at all. So, the best alternative is to travel in your mind – and the Sunday Times Travel Mag is really rather good for this. The writing inside is superb, the photography exceptional. If you have somewhere planned, or are simply browsing for ideas, then this is highly recommended, and for those who can’t quite afford a week in the sun this year, a gorgeous look at what could be. NB


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