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Suitcase Magazine

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4 issues per year.
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NO 40,  released 16/03/2023
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Next Issue: NO 41, Due:13/07/2023
SUITCASE is the world’s first experiential fashion and travel magazine for Generation XX: the female movers and shakers? of the urban landscape today. They have a brain, an appreciation for creativity, a hunger to go far in their careers and across the globe, and a medium-high disposable income to spend on themselves.

Using an innovative approach, SUITCASE brings travel to its readers, as well as bringing its readers to travel. Think boutique hotels, smaller local brands, new talent, and hidden hotspots to help keep trips as unique, interesting and cost-effective as the readers are.

With a variety of captivating editorials, features, interviews and news in both print and online versions, SUITCASE showcases its carefully curated selection of global fashion and travel.

SUITCASE doesn’t have its finger on the pulse; it is the pulse.

Back issues of SUITCASE are available in limited numbers here.

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It’s already too late for us, but if you pick up a copy of this you might just manage to stay afloat in the treacherous and ever-changing sea that is fashion and culture (we slipped under long ago, and have become immersed in an uncool, but comfortable world).

Fashion, culture and all that has forever been largely the preserve of the young; sooner or later you get a bit older, and what you were wearing last year, or even the year before, has gone out of date, attracting stares and derisive laughter (well, okay, perhaps only in the trendier parts of London). SUITCASE will definitely keep you ahead of the curve when it comes to the next big thing in terms of what to wear and how to look, and is a magazine with a great sense of humour as well.

This is also a impressively solid work – unlike the majority of fashion magazines it features very little advertising, being great content pretty much from cover to cover. We definitely appreciate that.

We do wonder if they have called it SUITCASE because of the sheer amount they have managed to pack in… NB


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