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Climbing Magazine

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SUMMER,  released 29/07/2022
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The perfect magazine for those who see a beautiful example of the wondrous works of nature and think ‘I can climb that’, the excellently simply named Climbing magazine might just gain a toehold into your collection.

Climbing is an incredibly practical magazine; inside you’ll find great features examining some of the toughest climbs, the history of the passion (it’s more than a hobby) and some of the most famous climbers to have ever scaled a cliff-face. Alongside this there are informative and expert reviews of all the latest kit – climbing shoes, chalk bags, clothing, harnesses, ropes and more – whether you’re doing sport climbing, traditional, alpine or bouldering.

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Rock climbing is fun. There we said it. It really is one of the most enjoyable hobbies out there – and for most it becomes far more than a hobby.

In our never-finishing quest to make ourselves fitter (okay, drop a few of the pounds we put on from the many ‘business lunches’ we have down at the Gardener’s Arms), we have tried many sports; canoeing, football, extreme ironing and the other usual suspects. None has ever quite measured up to climbing in terms of enjoyment and sheer exhaustion.

If you think about it, climbing really is a very natural thing to do. After all, we evolved from more simian creatures that would have spent many of their days up in trees, swinging from branch to branch. It’s certainly more natural than using a computer. That’s probably the reason kids enjoy climbing trees so much – well at least we used to in the days many years ago when we were young.

Proper rock climbing – indoors or outdoors – is one of the most competitive non-competitive sports around. It’s all about pushing yourself to see how far you can go, to try and reach that hold, to tray and extend, twist and contort your body into doing things you wouldn’t believe it could. Its that feeling of testing yourself, of coming down victorious and transformed that makes climbing such a wonderful thing. NB


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