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Kaleidoscope Magazine

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2 issues per year.
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42,  released 31/07/2023
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Features: Jim Shaw, Jon Rafman

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A high class and intellectually stimulating biannual, Kaleidoscope is an excellently produced publication that takes a sideways glance at the world of contemporary art and culture.

Kaleidoscope’s fascinatingly interdisciplinary approach to art allows it to examine works from unusual angles. Each issue is filled with some stunning and challenging pieces of art and culture from around the world, including photography, sketches and line drawings, painting, sculpture, design and more. It certainly doesn’t lack for intellectual clout, with some impressively thought-provoking analyses to be found within. Gloriously high production values, fascinating academic analysis and some really rather lovely art make this an excellent publication.

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What a name. Kaleidoscope – it perfectly fits the magazine, and somehow also perfectly lines up with the world of art.

We’re sure pretty much everyone remembers playing with a cheap kaleidoscope when they were young. They were the kind of thing that almost seemed to materialise – you will never remember buying one, yet you will always have come across one at some point. Whether a cheap plastic thing or a slightly more solid construction, there was something magical about the turning, twisting world of colour and glitter to be found within the eyepiece.

In some ways it works as a pretty good metaphor for the world of art. Break a kaleidoscope down into its constituent parts, and you have very little, just as if you reduce a work of art down to the materials used you have little. It is all about the experience – you can’t enjoy a kaleidoscope unless you are actively participating within its paradigm, and to ignore the experience, the emotions and feelings that art can bring is to view it from the outside. And the outside of a kaleidoscope isn’t where anything interesting is happening.

So, with that heavily stretched and frankly rather tortured metaphor, we can suggest that Kaleidoscope offers an interestingly different view into the world of contemporary art and culture. NB


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