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Cabinet Magazine

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2 issues per year.
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67,  released 12/03/2021
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Wonderfully high-minded and endlessly fascinating, Cabinet magazine offers an engrossing quarterly look at the world of art and culture.

This high-quality US based publication deals with all things art and culture – a typical issue might cover architecture, works of art in both paint and print, sculpture, cultural movements and more, and also features thought-provoking columns from excellent writers. Each issue has an eclectic central theme shared by the majority of the articles; a few examples have been games, infrastructure and forensics. The magazine itself is fantastically well produced, printed on excellent paper and full of gorgeous photography.

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One of those wonderfully bizarre yet incredibly interesting art and culture magazines out there, Cabinet undeniably marches to the beat of its own drum. Quite how they choose the topic to be featured in each issue – a few more examples to go with the ones above are learning, islands, bubbles and forgetting – we have no idea. It seems likely that they simple call a staff meeting and lounge around eating pizza and drinking absinthe (after all, they presumably have artistic pretensions themselves) until someone comes up with something they all agree on. Or perhaps they simply tear a page at random out of a dictionary, pin it to a dartboard and take a good throw. Who knows?

We don’t quite know whether this is true or not, but there is a distinct possibility that Cabinet takes its name from the Cabinets of Curiosity that could be found in the home of any true gentleman a few hundred years back. And eclectic collection of notable items, these were arguable the forerunners of modern museums, but without the fact-checking and forgery-detection of today. They could include everything and anything, just as Cabinet magazine does. Even if that is not the inspiration for the name, we think that it should have been. NB


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