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British Art Journal Magazine

in Arts & Fashion ... Visual Arts

British Art Journal Magazine

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2 issues per year.
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39,  released 03/10/2023
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A leading scholarly journal, The British Art Journal is the definitive, authoritative voice on art in Britain, and is the research journal of British art studies.

Whether you are a student seeking the latest research for an essay, a professor keeping up with the latest developments in your field or simply someone fascinated by art then this is a fantastic publication for you. It publishes in-depth research into art and art history, with intelligent and insightful analysis of pieces in every medium. The British Art Journal also reviews exhibitions, books and the art world itself, and is exquisitely well produced and full of excellent photography.

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Anyone who has ever conducted a piece of research – that is proper, scholarly research with footnotes, references and everything – knows that where you get published matters a huge deal. For those who remain unpublished or have no idea about the whole process, here is a quick run-down of why it matters.

Journals have different levels of prestige. One such as the British Art Journal would be well-regarded, featuring as it does some excellent research, and thus any research published within is highly likely to be read by many in the field. This prestige is known in academic circles as ‘Impact’ – publishing in a high impact journal is going to be good both for your research and for your academic career as a whole.

The only problem is that it can be difficult to get into such a publication, and there is a good chance your paper may be rejected simply because they have so many submissions. So, should you play it safe and go for a low-impact journal where you won’t be rejected, or risk a chance with the high-impact one? Many an academic career has been founded or broken on where they have published – is it better to linger in obscurity or be burned by the bright lights? NB


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