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Star Trek Magazine Magazine

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Star Trek Magazine Magazine

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6 issues per year.
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Current Issue

NO 206,  released 11/03/2021
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Features: Ethan Peck, Jeri Ryan, Alex Kurtzman, Michelle Paradise

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Next Issue: NO 1, Due:16/11/2021
Setting phasers to stun since 1995, Star Trek Magazine is the official Star Trek publication, brought to you bimonthly by the good people at Titan.

Every issue of Star Trek magazine brings you all the latest news from all the quadrants, and it does a fantastic job of covering Star Trek old and new. There are great interviews with actors, writers and producers, original fiction, a look at the potential existence of real life ‘treknology’, coverage of collectibles, comics, videogames, books and DVD and Blu-ray releases, and features on a whole array of Star Trek related topics. Also features an archive section devoted to Star Trek from the past, making this one that you definitely want to beam up.

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Captains Log, Supplemental. Today we encountered a strange planet, seemingly capable of supporting life. We beamed down, accompanied by a security team of redshirts to ensure that, if any dangerous situation arises, we would be entirely safe. We briefly encountered some aliens who appeared to be wearing terrible prosthetic foreheads in the shape of old earth pasties and wielding sabers apparently made out of light – they killed a couple of the redshirts before wandering off, muttering something about crossovers.

The strangest thing about this planet was that the plants and trees on it produced fully finished products. There was a beer bottle plant, a cigarette packet producing vine and a tree that sprouted an odd, magazine-like item.

Upon closer inspection it bore the title ‘Star Trek The Official Magazine’. What a Star Trek is we are not certain, but somehow it was filled with the most important secrets that the federation has, and information on notable captains such as Kirk, Picard and Janeway. Quite how this information was encoded into a plant we are unsure, but suspicions remain that some sort of underhand spying is going on, with the Romulans being favourites for scapegoats of the episode. I mean mission. I asked the doctor what he made of it, but he simply replied ‘Damnit, I’m a doctor not a botanist’, and the rest of the crew have requested shore leave to enjoy the fruits of this world. Captain Out. NB


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