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Popular Woodworking (Us) Magazine

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Popular Woodworking (Us) Magazine

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6 issues per year.
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APR 20,  released 31/03/2020
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Features: Woodwork, Woodworking, Woodworking Tools, Ken Richards

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An excellently informative and practical read for those with a workshop and an affinity for wood. Popular Woodworking Magazine is a long-running and well established publication that knows how to get the job done.

This well produced magazine contains many fascinating features on woodworking, including a huge number of step by step and well illustrated guides to items that you can make yourself, with a particular focus on furniture. Popular Woodworking also includes tips and advice from both readers and the editorial staff and expert tests and reviews of the tools needed to make your creation come to life. A clear, informative read, making it handy for keeping in the workshop or shed. This publication is from the US.

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Ideally, in the dream house of our future, we’d have an absolutely massive workshop filled with every imaginable tool and machine to help us build projects. Currently we have a very small shed, at the bottom of a very small garden, with a saw, a hammer and two and a half planks of wood. Any advice on what to make using these would be greatly appreciated.

The shed or workshop is, dare we say it, the last refuge of man. The rest of the house has become completely unisex in its use – and this is of course a fine thing that we support – but there is something special about having a little piece of the world to yourself, where you can tinker and saw and hammer to your hearts content. The shed (or if you can afford it, the workshop) represents a place to escape the busy activities of modern life, the pressure of work and bills and everything else, to get away from it all and spend some time doing simple yet practical things that have been practiced for centuries.

Perhaps it is too sexist of us to say that the shed is for the man – people of both genders should have a space like this, where they can spend a little time by themselves. We feel that everyone deserves a little hideaway from the troubles of the world, and what better place is there than in the shed, aimlessly sawing a plank of wood in half before hitting it with a hammer and having a tea break.


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