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Bhg Wood Magazine

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6 issues per year.
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JUL 22,  released 03/06/2022
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From the well-known publication halls of Better Homes and Gardens comes BHG Wood, an excellent American magazine for the woodworker in you.

In every issue of this practical and informative magazine you’ll find an array of different fully explained step-by-step projects to attempt, ranging from the very small to the very large, but all having in common their working material – wood. It also covers a range of different abilities, features tips and techniques from experienced woodworkers, and a section devoted to testing tools and materials. Pretty much perfect for anyone who likes to disappear to their shed and create.

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We think, and no doubt BHG Wood would agree, that wood is a much undervalued material when it comes to construction. Nowadays in schools, when the kids are taught any form of practical, creative skill (something that happens far too rarely in the first place) they work with metal and plastic. These may well be the materials of the future, but they lack something that wood does, and we think we know what that is.

Warmth. No, not the literal meaning of the word, but the tactile sense. Plastic and metal really just don’t have the feel to them that wood does, being somehow less wholesome – either cold and hard as in the case of metal, or brittle and temporary, as in the case of plastic.

There is however another good reason why we should use wood rather than any other material. It seems inevitable that sooner or later there will be some form of robot/A.I related apocalypse – you know the sort, robots gain sentience, realise they are being mistreated a la Matrix and Terminator. Now, the various Terminators were a little difficult to destroy, as those who have seen any of the films can attest to; how much simpler would it have been if they were wooden – a bit of petrol, one match and voila. As such, BHG Wood is clearly the answer to saving the world. NB


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