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Country Smallholding Magazine

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Country Smallholding Magazine

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12 issues per year.
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Current Issue

DEC 23,  released 09/11/2023
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Features: Poultry, Wreath Making

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Next Issue: JAN 24, Due:07/12/2023
The magazine contains information on all aspects of owning a smallholding. Country Smallholding magazine features articles on such topics as hobby farming, poultry and organic gardening. The magazine provides useful information to readers who may enjoy living an alternative lifestyle and enjoy producing home grown organic produce.

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This magazine makes us think of the ‘Good life’ television series which was a comedy that focused on the amusing side of living an alternative self sufficient lifestyle. In many ways we can see the appeal of having your own supplies such as eggs, chickens, vegetables and fruit. The owners of smallholdings probably manage to save themselves a fortune on supermarket bills! Although growing your own produce may seem like an easy task we suspect that it may be more difficult than it appears. Country Smallholding magazine gives advice on the best way to go about organic farming.

The main focus of Country Smallholding is to provide valuable advice because there can be a number of potential pit falls than many inexperienced smallholders can fall into. The magazine regularly features articles on the best way to care for animals in order to avoid any poor welfare issues. Country Smallholding often stresses the fact that hobby farmers can sometimes be stubborn when dealing with welfare issues of animals. Many may believe that they have a moral high ground over large scale ‘commercial’ farmers. The magazine stops readers from getting carried away and always refocuses the reader on the important issues.


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