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Interzone Magazine

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4 issues per year.
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NO 290/291,  released 02/07/2021
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Next Issue: NO 291, Due:29/07/2022
Britain’s leading science-fiction and fantasy magazine, founded in 1982, has now published more than 200 issues. Shortlisted for the Hugo Award many years running, and a Hugo winner in 1995, it has a high reputation around the world. Interzone magazine appears quarterly, perfect bound and, now, full colour throughout.

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Be as highbrow or as literary as you like, what man doesn’t have a lightsabre concealed under his bed at home? Between George Lucas and Arthur C. Clarke, science fiction has always been a groundbreaking way to view the world. Everyone loves a dystopia: Ray Bradbury’s Farenheit 451 predicts the disappearance and eventual vilification of literature, and in this era of the 10-second attention span with screens blaring sensationalist soap operas constantly in our eyes and ears, it’s easy to see it happening, and happening soon. Farenheit 451 is a book that explores the demise of books: a warning to literature lovers of what is to come.

Magazines like Interzone strike a blow against the culture warned against by Bradbury – and is a must for anyone who wants to stay abreast of the latest and best in modern science fiction writing. Science Fiction keeps us on our toes: a look at what might happen in our future shows us, subtly or not so subtly, what is happening now. Science Fiction explores big themes and current issues couched in a fantasy format: it can be a social or political warning, or a subversive challenger of the current status quo. The first black/white kiss aired on television was between Uhura and Captain Kirk, and prompted not a few letters of complaint.

Printed in full colour, with book and DVD reviews and new stories, Interzone will keep you not only entertained but engaged with everything modern Science Fiction is trying to tell us about ourselves, the world we currently inhabit, and the world of the future.


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