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True Crime Magazine

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12 issues per year.
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Current Issue

DEC 23,  released 23/11/2023
(10 in stock)
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Next Issue: JAN 24, Due:21/12/2023
True Crime magazine brings you the most shocking and baffling real life crime stories: both recent and historical. It examines the progress of the police, and charts the sicknesses of the perpetrator as he attempted to escape. It also has details of some of the great unsolved crimes of history. From grisly murders to burglaries, the victims of these crimes may be gone but they are not forgotten, as their misfortunes are immortalised in this true crime magazine.

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With in depth articles and analyses of the methods and motives behind every crime, True Crime magazine is the sort of magazine you would buy if you’re one of those people who cranes their neck backwards for four miles after passing a road traffic accident (thereby inviting your own, since you’re not watching the road anymore).
,br>This magazine features articles such as: “Leicestershire Tale Of A Tramp, A Watch, And A Toilet” and, if it doesn’t shock and awe you, will probably confuse you.

The website is breathtaking in a strangulated-corpse sort of way – it’s always a good sign when a magazine spells its own title wrong on its own website.

For all that, this magazine is an unflinching look at some of the most shocking murders, burglaries and other crimes to have happened to anyone, and whether you’re just a curious bystander, or if you’re thinking of committing your own (not really), True Crime magazine is an invaluable resource and a great supply of grizzling entertainment.

Write in with your crime questions – but please don’t ask how to get away with murder! That will only implicate you further when you screw it up.

This magazine is more fun than John Grisham, for the sole and overwhelming reason that we know it is all true. And that alone is worth a copy or two.


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