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Domenica Quiz Magazine

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52 issues per year.
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NO 19,  released 13/05/2022
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Next Issue: NO 22, Due:03/06/2022
A handily small-sized quiz and puzzle book, made all the more tricky by being written in Italian!

Domenica Quiz is packed full of all the usual cross-words, anagram games and word-searches. A useful way to get those dusty neurons firing in the morning, and more than enough to keep you going through a few espresso breaks. Alternatively, if you are a student of the Italian language this would make a great alternative or complimentry method to enjoy learning the language by playing with the letters.

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It seems then that the crossword is a phenomenon that surpasses cultural and national borders. Cruci-verbalism is a concept that transcends simply being an English thing to do to keep your mind occupied whilst you sit at the station, waiting for a train that is already half an hour late and sipping a lukewarm cup of tea. No, apparently word games are enjoyed the world over – after all, who doesn’t enjoy messing around with the very fundamentals of their language.

Perhaps we can use this to our advantage. As a great man once said, I have a cunning plan…

Need to draw up a peace treaty in the Middle-East? Need to create an environmental pact that will save the world? Carefully draw up a crossword and slip it into the morning brief of the two relevant diplomats, where each clue is another word in the agreement, and the final clue, which the diplomats will no doubt will be incredibly pleased about, is the name is their name. Voila! You have a treaty written and signed by both sides, without them ever knowing about it. Mark my words, crosswords will save the world! NB


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