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Settimanale Nuovo Magazine

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52 issues per year.
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02,  released 18/01/2021
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Features: Kate Middleton

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An Italian language lifestyle and culture magazine, Settimanale Nuovo – literally translation being ‘New This Week’, a nicely helpful title – is the Italian equivalent of OK! and other such magazines.

This magazine is packed full of the newest and hottest things happening in Italy and Italian culture, full of fascinating stories, celebrity culture, strange happenings, food and health and the latest news. Settimanale Nuovo is also full of the kind of investigative journalism that shows celebrities at their best and their very worst, with the pictures to prove it. Perfect for anyone missing la bella homeland, or for anyone learning or brushing up their Italian.

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It’s reassuring to see that the tabloid-y kind of magazine that fills the magazine stands of Britain is not simply a local phenomenon. It seems that celebrity news and gossip is something that transcends cultures, and for a slightly odd reason we find that re-assuring.

Though the world seems to be ever-shrinking, with fast travel and instant communications making somewhere that was once many months travel away seem almost local, people nevertheless often have trouble relating to those from outside their culture. The obvious initial problem is that of language, something made even worse when two languages do not even share the same alphabet. It is incredibly humanising, however, to know that people are people the world over, that wherever you go there is an incredible (if sometimes inexplicable) interest in what celebrities are doing, how they look, how many babies they’ve adopted and so on. It reminds us that deep-down everyone shares the same desires, interests and motives.

Perhaps, however, we shouldn’t be surprised that this magazine comes from Italy. Italy is, after all, the country that brought you Silvio Berlusconi – media magnate, politician and walking tabloid news-story. NB


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