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Area Magazine

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6 issues per year.
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80,  released 09/03/2022
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A large-scale, stylish Italian design and architecture magazine. Area Magazine is a pleasingly substantial magazine, larger in size than the typical A4 and full of great articles and images.

We don’t speak Italian all that well here at Newsstand, so thankfully there’s an English translation provided on every page. Area magazine is a very high-class publication – the images and articles concerning all aspects of building design both interior and exterior are beautifully shot and printed on great quality paper. A great way to add a little exotic culture to your architectural collection.

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‘Una birra por favore’. That is about the limit to our Italian, though we hope to expand it on our next luxury trip abroad (just kidding – most exotic place we’ve been recently was Slough. Yes, Slough.) But wow, what a culture Italy has.

Who can forget that for a very, very long span of time, Italy in the form of the Roman Empire was the dominant world power. With an empire stretching from the middle-east all the way to our distant and rather dismal shores, the Romans left all other cultures in their wake. Just as a quick aside whilst we’re on the subject, the Romans conquered pretty much all of England and made it as far north as where Hadrian’s Wall now stands, yet somehow they missed the Isle of Wight. As a result, the Isle of Wight was the last place in the country to be converted to Christianity.

In more recent terms, Italy has been a byword for culture. The finest operas, plays, paintings, classical music… all have a tendency to hail from the boot shaped country. So, when you’re flicking through the pages of Area Magazine, you can be sure that you’re sampling the very best culture that the world has to offer (unless it’s all a marketing trick, of course). NB


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