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Premiere French Magazine

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11 issues per year.
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Current Issue

13,  released 09/12/2020
(17 in stock)

Features: Felicity Jones, Sean Connery, Ryan Reynolds, Bac Nord, Douglas Attal

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Gorgeous French language film magazine. Premiere is an exquisite example of a magazine covering its subject matter perfectly – meaning anyone who can read French is in for a real treat.

Premiere deals with film worldwide, meaning that it is not just restricted to French cinema. Inside you will find comprehensive reviews of all the latest films to hit the big screen, as well as those released onto DVD and Blu-ray. Where Premiere excels however are the stunning features, including interviews with the likes of Scarlett Johansson, examinations of the phenomenal achievements of films, the story behind the production, amazing performances and Icons of the screen. These are all well-written and accompanied with some stunning photography of some of the most beautiful people in film worldwide.

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Premiere is a wonderful magazine, bringing some fantastic insights into the world of cinema across the world (and the lovely photoshoots of the likes of Scarlett Johansson are much appreciated as well). It covers a huge array of different films within its features and reviews section, including a glimpse into the world of cinema on both sides of the lens.

It’s a strange and incredibly inexact science, making a film that will appeal to an audience. Everything has to be carefully weighed up and considered – budget, casting choices, producer, director, the levels of humour, violence, satire and romance in a film. Mess up one of these and you’ll end up with a flop, like the recent John Carter debacle where Disney almost didn’t recoup any of the 250,000,000 dollars they spent making it (and let’s not mention the $100 million marketing budget). Sometimes, however, things turn out just right, and there is perhaps no better filmmaker for perfectly gauging the measure of all of these aspects than James Cameron, creator of Titanic and Avatar.

We are a little worried at the moment. As this is being written, The Hobbit film is being made and we are desperately looking forward to it. However, Peter Jackson has chosen a new approach to filmmaking, shooting at twice the usual frame speed resulting in supposedly over-realistic appearances. We’ve got our fingers crossed for that one. NB


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