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Studio Cine Magazine

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12 issues per year.
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NO 95,  released 30/11/2017
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Next Issue: NO 96, Due:28/12/2017
Studio Cine magazine is a daring French language cinema and film monthly publication. It is a nicely presented glossy magazine with all the latest from the world of French cinema. There will be interviews with the best French stars and brilliant honest and reliable new film reviews for readers who like to stay one step ahead of the action.

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The issue of Studio Cine magazine we read recently featured the gorgeous Vincent Cassel…sadly he’s too old for us (and probably a bit too cool as well) but he just has this certain je ne sais quoi about him! He is the type of actor that Studio Cine likes to feature in the magazine; talented, attractive and irresistibly suave! If you too like to read about handsome French men then Studio Cine will not disappoint! Unless of course your French is a little rusty, in which case the editorial pictures will provide you will enough eye candy to keep you occupied for a while.

Studio Cine magazine will not only discus the new French films which are debuting in France at the moment, it will also provide details on new movie releases in America and the UK. The magazine will provide a well rounded overview of the best new film releases to date. So readers won’t miss out on seeing any of the great new films.

Studio Cine will regularly provide portfolios of the best veteran stars around in France and Hollywood. The magazine likes to celebrate the best talent in the industry whenever the talented star had their heyday. Portfolios on Robert De Nero and Elizabeth Taylor have been the topics of past brilliant features in Studio Cine. To sum up, it is basically the one place for French speaking readers to get all the gossip and fascinating insightful information on all the most talented movie stars from the present as well as from times gone by.


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