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Shooting Gazette Magazine

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12 issues per year.
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MAY 21,  released 22/04/2021
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Features: Sporting Agents

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A gentlemanly journal devoted to the fine pursuit of driven shooting, Shooting Gazette covers every aspect of this high-class sport. Shooting Gazette keeps you up to date with all the latest news from the field of shooting, as well as expert advice on everything from how to hold dead game to the all-important business of improving your shot. Each issue brings an array of features on the sport of driven shooting in general, as well as reviews of the finest guns, shooting grounds, hotels and even motoring, as well as a section devoted to the care and training of gundogs.

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Shooting in the countryside has long been a passion of the upper classes, and Shooting Gazette suggests that little has changed in this area between now and the preceding three or four centuries. Even back beyond the invention of the firearm it was common for the lords to ride around their estates, hunting game with a bow and arrow. And then just as now, we expect they wanted the very finest bows and hunting accoutrements – there was no doubt a 12th century equivalent of this mag called ‘Archery Gazette’. We like to think that if you picked up (with respect of course) one of the gentry who love to wander their estates, gun in hand, and dropped them back in time about 3 hundred years, they would still feel right at home. The accents may have sounded a touch different, but we’re fairly certain they could happily strike up a conversation with their ancestors about the finer points of hunting and shooting. Driven shooting continues a fine tradition that stretches back long into this country’s past, is easily defensible on ethical grounds if you make a delicious meal out of the quarry, and is an enjoyable way to spend a day or two. NB


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