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Astonishing Spiderman Magazine

in Children's ... Primary Boys

Astonishing Spiderman Magazine

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26 issues per year.
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NO 52,  released 07/05/2020
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Next Issue: NO 54, Due:30/12/2020

PLEASE NOTE! Marvel’s Collections Editions have been suspended due to Covid-19 until further notice. We are keeping an eye on publisher’s announcements and will keep our customers posted of any new developments. End of October 2020, the publisher reported that they will be unveiling their exciting new plans for the Collectors’ Editions in the coming months, however nothing more concrete/specific was indicated. Stay tuned for updates. If you have any further questions, do email us at subenquiries@newsstand.co.uk and we will happily assist.

Absolutely packed full of the exciting adventures of Spidey and his allies, Astonishing Spiderman is a great comic from Marvel.

Astonishing Spider-Man brings you all the latest escapades of the much beloved web-slinger. As you would expect from a Marvel comic the illustrations are absolutely top notch, showing in fantastic detail and beautiful colour the difficult tests Spider-man faces. A great read whether you are picking it up for the first time or having been following Spidey’s adventures since the very, very beginning, Astonishing Spiderman allows you to escape to a world of action and intrigue and super-powers.

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Spider-Man was famously bitten by a radioactive spider. As such, he possesses many greatly improved powers that spiders do, not least his well known ability as a web-slinger. It’s a shame, however, that he doesn’t have a greatly increased number of legs and eyes, and a propensity to appear around autumn and spring time and hide under your bed, crawling out when you least expect it. Actually, scratch that, it’s a good thing he doesn’t do that. Here at Newsstand we’ve had a thought about some other unlikely super-heroes that could have been bitten by an assortment of radio-active critters.

Chicken-Man – has the ability to fly, but not very well. Tends to lose his head in a crisis, quite literally.

Tapeworm-Man – can slowly weaken the enemy from the inside.

Sheep-Man – rather easily led, Sheep-Man operates best in a flock of other super-heroes
>br> Woodlouse-Woman – can curl up into a ball to resist attack, however, is really rather tiny.

There could be a rather entertaining market for the misadventures of a bunch of incredibly inept superheroes. Just imagine how hilarious it could be, a bunch of people with useless powers who save the day only by accident, we know we’d be eager to pick up a copy so take note Marvel and DC. NB


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