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Hunger Magazine

Issue NO 8,  17/02/2015,  $28.16 inc p&p to United States  ~ 13 copies available

Hunger Magazine

Issue:NO 8,  12 per year,  $28.16 inc p&p to United States  ~ 13 copies available
PLEASE NOTE ADAM LAMBERT CONTENT IS ONLINE ONLY! Hunger magazine is part of a bigger "cross platform" brand - and the magazine is designed to get all your creative juices flowing in the fashion, art drama and music areas. It's a lovely looking magazine with great photography and up to date reviews on not only new works but the characters behind them, with many new faces to these artistic areas being heralded. Perhaps above all, there will be no advertising at all in the magazine - which makes us very happy and we wish it well. Could this be another landmark publication for content over subsidy? Let's hope so. It's a beast of a magazine at around 2 kilos - which does up the postal costs somewhat.

Please also see the Hunger Hardback magazine also at Newsstand.

It’s a little hard to know quite where to start when it comes to Hunger and its Hardback edition, also available here at Newsstand. We have a fair few years of experience when it comes to weighing up the pros and cons of magazines, and we like to think that we are pretty good at doing so given that we stock over 3,000. Nevertheless, with its many pages of creativity Hunger is something of a behemoth, a monolithic structure created to celebrate all that is wonderful in the world of creativity in the UK. If you work in any aspect of the creative business here in the UK, such as music, art, fashion, beauty or one of the many other areas, then you really should pick up a copy and have a good read, that is if your arms are able to hold it. Perhaps we should say lie a copy down on a suitably sturdy table and have a good read. The fact that it's ad-free just makes it even better - we often tire of having to flick through 20 pages of ads in fashion magaiznes just to find the contents page.

Reading Hunger made us feel optimistic about the future, and in particular the future of UK creativity. If there is as much going on in the UK as Hunger shows off – bearing in mind that it must only scratch the surface – then we are in a fantastic position for the future. This is a large sized slab of creativity that we highly recommend.

Incidentally, any lovers of the large size magazine should check out the various versions of Box Magazine we stock, another hefty and impressive magazine, in this case devoted to fashion. NB


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