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Closer Magazine

Issue 25/04/2015,  21/04/2015,  $7.78 inc p&p to United States  ~ 2 copies available

Closer Magazine

Issue:25/04/2015,  52 per year,  $7.78 inc p&p to United States  ~ 2 copies available
Closer magazine is a weekly publication which will always contain the latest juiciest celebrity news and gossip. The magazine will also contain features on reader’s real life stories as well as extensive entertainment pages with TV listings, puzzles, horoscopes and a whole lot more. Closer magazine is squarely aimed at the female market with articles on women’s lifestyle issues and other essential information for today’s modern busy woman.

As the names suggests this magazine really wants the readers to get much closer to the celebrities and get the latest scoop of gossip. This magazine is essential reading for the woman who likes to stay fully on top of all the latest celebrity fights, relationships and break ups.

While this may not be the aim of the magazine, we certainly felt better about ourselves after we read some of the more crazy stories of the ‘celebrities’ in Closer. These days it seems that celebrities will go out of their way to make their lives as controversial as possible. We think that with the rise of so many ‘Z list’ celebrities in the public eye. It is relatively easy to find your 15 minutes of fame. In order to stand out ‘wannabe’ celebrities will do anything to get noticed…and we mean anything! While this normally has embarrassing consequences for them, this is great for us because Closer will bring us all the juicy gossip!

We think that women of any age will enjoy having a browse through this magazine. It is light hearted and entertaining. Readers looking to be intellectually and mentally stimulated by a magazine probably won’t find this with Closer but it’s good because it doesn’t try to be something it’s not. Closer is a weekly roundup of the best celebrity stories and news. It is produced to be light hearted entertainment and it serves its purpose well.


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