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Lula Magazine

Issue NO 20,  23/02/2015,  $27.96 inc p&p to United States  ~ 30+ copies available

Lula Magazine

Issue:NO 20,  3 per year,  $27.96 inc p&p to United States  ~ 30+ copies available
Issue 19 features 3 covers - If you would like a specific cover, check out reply to your order confirmation email with the cover you want.

Lula is quite simply a beautiful, British magazine. It's for girls who love the quirky side of fashion, photography and style and it's one of the most stunning products we sell. The publisher is using words like ethereal and whimsical and who are we to disagree. It's highly collectable and sometimes hard to find, but we think we have the best value subscription of Lula in all the land (whether you are in Japan, the USA or Australia or the UK).

Lula Magazine is a hefty collection of glossy and bold images presenting quirky, flowing and young fashions with an innocent style and quality. There are quotes in large bold print across many pages accompanied by diverse photography styles – there are no lengthy articles, only eye candy for the fashion soul. Interviews with like minded designers complete the magazine content which, thankfully, is low on advertisements. Lula is fast becoming extremely sought after, not least here at Newsstand.

The publishers of Lula magazine are playing it cool with this one, we think. The harder something is to obtain the more desperately people want it - and so Lula is searched for the world over, copies disappear off shelves overnight and go for extortionate prices (note: we try and keep it "real" here at Newsstand as with all our magazines).

What we have to admit though, is that this UK fashion magazine is just beautiful. When you pick up a copy of Lula, you instantly feel its quality, like an expensive piece of jewellery. Every single member of staff at Newsstand has been in the magazine industry for at least 15 years, and we've yet to remember a more impressionable publication.

Our advice is to buy Lula in advance - get the next issue in early. That way it should land on your doormat the day its released or soon after, while your friends are still ragging in around all the newsagents searching for a girl that just isn't there.

.....We can see it now, in our dreams, subtle mist descends and swirls around with glimpses of long lowing skirts and happy people...people that, everywhere are smiling, flicking through magazines at their leisure....this is the perfect world we dream of....where the Lula team creates all the world's magazines...

Lula Magazine not your type?

If you are naturally averse to these trendy fashion magazines, and many are, have a look at this antidote in the form of Rubbish Magazine, it's a modern classic.


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