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Because Magazine

Issue SPR-SUM,  26/03/2015,  $10.50 inc p&p to United States  ~ 5 copies available

Because Magazine

Issue:SPR-SUM,  3 per year,  $10.50 inc p&p to United States  ~ 5 copies available
Starting out as the digital sister publication to Tank magazine, Because has since flowered bringing its own stylistic take to the fashion world as fresh as any other similarly themed title. Published in London, this magazine offers the latest in trends and tips on accessories, jewellery and clothing fashion. Covering both glossy and casual styles, with an eye to men and women’s fashion alike, Because draws inspiration from both mainstream and independent creative minds as well as bringing in the wider fashion culture.

There is quite the deluge of fashion magazines out there in the world. Men’s fashion, women’s fashion. Smart, casual. From suits to dresses and accessories. Add in all different brands, the constant jockeying among designers for recognition, the sporadic emergence of decay of trends and it can all get a bit mind-boggling. In many ways this is because, trends and common culture allowing, fashion is possibly the most subjective art form that we currently indulge in en-masse.

Fortunately for Because then it maintains the open and broad mind-set required to cover not only the sheer scope of the fashion world. But also to recognise the voices of its most potent contributions and give them a platform to stand up and be hard. This peculiar blend of culture and fashion know-how has led to the crafting of a magazine uniquely in tune with the ebb-and-flow of this most amorphous of cultural forces. Because has exceeded its foundations in its evolution and is truly can be seen as the epitome of what many fashion mags aspire to be.


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