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Salt Magazine

Issue 10,  04/02/2015,  $16.90 inc p&p to United States  ~ 2 copies available

Salt Magazine

Issue:10,  12 per year,  $16.90 inc p&p to United States  ~ 2 copies available
Salt is a Magazine glittering with Swarovski Elements, celebrating how the crystals are being used in fashion, jewellery and art today. Salt is for those magpies among us who just adore the glitz and glam of using crystals to spice up the home or our outfits, and Salt contains articles all about it, from the natural phenomena behind their creation to the weird and wonderful ways they are being used to decorate chairs, walls, dresses, guitars and even bicycles!

Why do we just love sparkles so much? Even as a child I was trying to clamber up to the top of the bookshelf because there were some cassettes up there catching the light. Crystals became part of fashion for ever back in 1895 when Daniel Swarovski invented the latest and greatest crystal cutting machine, creating the beautifully clear sparkles we know today. Despite the name, these are not actually crystals… they are beautifully and perfectly cut glass. Daniel learnt the trade in the Czech Republic from his father who owned a small glass factory.

As far as I can assume, we love the glitter look because it is so severely inhuman. That and it is heavily associated with richness and wealth. Chanel recently used them to shape the eyebrows or their runway models and nearly all celebrities and designers use them to spice up an outfit. They are unnatural and can create a beautiful range of coloured light. Their reflections catch our attention because it’s bright and pleasing to the eye.

Swarovski have progressed to setting their crystals all over the place, furniture, pet collars, hair pieces and art. For one reason or another, they are always going to be something the human eye is drawn to.


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