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Cloth Paper Scissors Magazine

Issue MAR-APR,  20/03/2015,  $12.06 inc p&p to United States  ~ 1 copies available

Cloth Paper Scissors Magazine

Issue:MAR-APR,  6 per year,  $12.06 inc p&p to United States  ~ 1 copies available
Cloth Paper Scissors was first published in the US in October 2004. Published six times a year, Cloth Paper Scissors covers all types of fibre arts and collage work, including mixed media, rubber stamping, creative embroidery plus assemblage, altered books, art dolls, visual art journals, and book arts. Geared for the beginning artists/crafts as well as the advanced, Cloth Paper Scissors has a playful, positive tone, encouraging both the beginning and seasoned artist to try new techniques and share their work and expertise with a greater audience.

This magazine is a feast for the eyes and an inspiration to any artist or crafter who wants to do something a ittle different with their crafts. Don’t expect to find specific directions in Cloth, Paper, Scissors magazine - to reproduce the projects shown exactly as you see them. Instead, you will find a materials list and some instructions that will allow you to create art that is an expression of who you are and what your muse is telling you.

Cloth Paper Scissors is one of our more popular crafts magazines from America. Buy a subscription for as many issues as you want or alternatively just purchase a single copy of the magazine. You may not be as flexible as you used to be - but Newsstand is!

CPS is published by Interweave - who also do a Knits, and Crochet series thats also available at Newsstand. Be warned though, when importing these American magazines into the UK, the cheeky publishers often count both the Crochet and Knitting magazines as the same and this can cause ruptions with our subscribers! We've solved this - as you would expect - with a manual fix to ensure we send out whats required and no more...it's a bit of a pain for all involved and it's done so that retailers stocking the magazine in the UK automatically get both issues.

In any case, we've taken on the habit of having a short game of rock, paper scissors whenever we get an order for this magazine. "Customer services" currently leads the "packing department" by a score which I will not mention....


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