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Bliss Magazine

Issues per Year: 12

**please note, the Royal Mail has changed its policy on nail varnish being sent in the post. We are no longer able to include this if it is covermounted to Bliss, or any other magazine**

This is the ultimate feel-good young woman’s glossy magazine. Bliss magazine is packed with articles to interest teenage girls everywhere. The magazine is an irresistibly cute publication made in a handy A5 format. Readers can carry this magazine in their handbags where ever they go. Bliss magazine focuses on the hottest celebrity news as well as the latest cute boys, music, beauty, fashion and the latest essential ‘teen issues’

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Bliss Magazine Issue MAY 14

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More on Bliss Magazine

This magazine takes us back to when we were young and fancy free! We wish we were teenagers again, when the only thing there was to worry about was whether we had a spot or whether our latest crush fancied us back…they normally didn’t!

Now sadly all we think about is paying our rent and whether we can afford to buy a newer car. How terribly mundane our lives have become, sadly we had to leave our comfortable teenage years behind us. We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again; Teenagers need to enjoy themselves while they are young and stop being so ridiculously angst ridden.

Teenage girls will fall in love with Bliss magazine; it has everything today’s teenage girl needs such as beauty product testing, problem pages, interesting articles on teenage issues and affordable accessories. What more do you girls want? It is the monthly pick me up that every girl needs. We guarantee that this magazine will make any young woman feel better about themselves.

This magazine takes a well balanced approach to young women’s lifestyle choices. It promotes a healthy body image for young girls today. It won’t suggest any terrible diets or weight loss measures. It likes to make the readers feel good about themselves and tries to rid teenage girls of their body hang ups. We like magazines which take this approach. If like us you are sick of the relentless media bombardment of ridiculously perfect photo shopped celebrities then this magazine will invite a welcome change.

Bliss Magazine is in the Teen Fashion category and is just one of over 3,000 magazines now available at Newsstand, to browse recent front covers of Bliss Magazine, please click here.

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