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Kit Car Magazine

Issue MAY 15,  24/04/2015,  $13.02 inc p&p to United States  ~ 2 copies available

Kit Car Magazine

Issue:MAY 15,  12 per year,  $13.02 inc p&p to United States  ~ 2 copies available
Kit Car magazine is the longest established of all the kit car magazines. With tens of different kit car projects or vehicles outlined and tested in each issue, as well as stories and road trips from those that have pieced together one of these cars, Kitcar magazine is the leader in its' field in the UK.

Personally speaking, putting up a curtain pole can turn the air blue here at Newsstand HQ. We know and love our magazines here, but DIY and much less building our own vehicles is definitely right off the cards.

Having said that we are mightily impressed by anyone who decides to build their own car or the like. You might think this is just the stuff of Shropshire back streets, but Kit Cars are gaining popularity all over the UK, and considering whet you get for your money it isn't surprising (best not factor in the 17,000 hours spend knee deep in oil though).

So, with plenty of classifieds and all the knowledge you would need to build yourself a kit car like a Ferrari - some of these come with over 550 brake horse power! - you will of course need also, plenty of patience and the ability to understand the phrase, "it's all in the preparation".

In the meantime, we'll stick to what we know, as images of the last of the summer wine bathtub losing a wheel are all too fresh in the mind.


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