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WKND QUILT,  released 02/05/2017
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The most popular quilting magazine in America, Quilt – we love a name that keeps it simple – promises to fulfil your every quilting need.

Quilt is packed full of patterns and projects, with the best part of 20 in each issue. It contains great ideas for quilts and different uses of quilting techniques, and they are all carefully explained in step-by-step guides with illustrations and great photography. Quilt also features designer spotlights, buyer’s guides to fabrics and materials, exciting new products and details of sites and shops, as well as quilting lessons showing off different techniques and approaches.

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Who doesn’t love a bit of arts and crafts? Quilt, a lovely magazine from the US, is one of those publications that helps keep alive a craft based around the simple concept of making something with your hands, an art that is dying out far too much in our modern society.

Everywhere you look, the simple act of actually making something yourself with your own hands is being replaced by the ‘wonder’ of mass manufacture. Even in areas where you wouldn’t necessarily expect it is this process taking place – you only need look at the vast number of people buying pre-made sandwiches for lunch and ready meals for their dinner to realise that we live in a world where we are predominantly consumers rather than producers. We buy up things that have been made for us, celebrating uniformity of quality rather than the uniqueness and soul of something that has been made by us, for us. We will forever fight the corner of those who create, whatever it is they are making, from art to food and of course via quilting, we take an old-fashioned view of such things.

Although, we do ask that you don’t start making your own magazines, or at the very least if you do give us a call and we’ll see if we can stock it. NB


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