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Flight International Magazine

Issue 21/04/2015,  21/04/2015,  $9.04 inc p&p to United States  ~ 4 copies available

Flight International Magazine

Issue:21/04/2015,  52 per year,  $9.04 inc p&p to United States  ~ 4 copies available
Bringing you everything aviation since 1909, Flight International is the world’s oldest aviation industry magazine.

Published weekly, Flight International contains all the latest news from the world of aviation, covering the international airlines, the planes they fly and the policies that affect them. Each edition contains expert opinion and analysis on planes from the likes of Boeing and Airbus, as well as military and smaller passenger aircraft, alongside features examining the future of aviation and how it can become more efficient and environmentally friendly. Also includes aviation business news, recruitment and jobs.

We can’t help but be amazed every time we see a plane the size of a 747 or an A-380 pass over head. Those things must weigh a ton, our thoughts run, and they’re made out of metal! How is it possible that that thing can be up in the air rather than instantly crashing to the ground once gravity remembers what it is supposed to be doing?

The ability to fly is perhaps man’s greatest achievement and example of our mastery over nature. It had long been a dream of humans – Icarus of Greek mythology fame constructed wings out of wood and feathers but flew too close to the sun, the great Leonardo da Vinci dreamed up strange looking flying machines as he doodled. To be able to do what the birds make seem an effortless thing is a fascinating thing – we can walk, run, climb and swim, but no matter how much we jump we can’t fly ourselves. So we built wonderful machines to do it for us.

Frankly, our favourite flying vehicle has always been, and will always be, the zeppelin. Who wouldn’t love effortlessly floating above the clouds in a giant powered balloon? It’s got to be more fuel efficient than an plane, as it doesn’t need to be going incredibly fast to stay in the air, and, as a result of this, safer as well. You might not get there as fast in a zeppelin as in jet, but you’ll have more fun and arrive in far more style. NB


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