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Alphablocks Magazine

Issues per Year: 12

Getting around the age old problem of making learning fun by being both entertaining and educational, Alphablocks is a fantastic magazine from the BBC aimed at getting younger children aged 3-6 to learn their letters and string them together phonetically.

Full of colour and fun, Alphablocks showcases the exploits of all 26 letters who each have their own personality. It is accompaniment to the hit CBeebies show (though you don’t need to have seen it) that features the following concept – when the letters join hands word magic occurs and they spell out a word. How could you not love that? Reading, writing and spelling are some of the most important skills a child can gain, and Alphablocks is excellent at making these fun.

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More on Alphablocks Magazine

Okay, hands up who of you reading this are actually of the age to be Alphablocks? Really? Wow, how did you get so good at using the computer? We’re actually impressed, now run along and play – no need to waste your valuable time being young by reading this.

We all remember with varying degrees of fondness (and varying levels of recollection, depending on how far back it was) our childhoods, and the freedom of not having any responsibilities. The important things in life were what was for tea and how to have fun. Learning inevitably came a distant third to these two, and rightly so. There’s nothing wrong with wanting to enjoy the depressingly brief time you get to spend as a child. Sadly you can’t spend all your time building blanket forts, playing in streams and throwing mud at each other, no matter how much you might want to. And in the case of us, secretly still do. In order to get the best out of life learning and education are paramount, but why sacrifice those years of enjoyment to them? Combine fun and education and you are on to a winner, and the phonetics, reading and writing skills in Alphablocks are all highly enjoyable. Your kid will be having so much fun they probably won’t even notice they’re learning! NB

Alphablocks Magazine is in the Pre School category and is just one of over 3,000 magazines now available at Newsstand, to browse recent front covers of Alphablocks Magazine, please click here.

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