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Two Worlds Magazine

Issue APR 15,  24/03/2015,  $5.54 inc p&p to United States  ~ out of stock

Two Worlds Magazine

Issue:APR 15,  12 per year,  $5.54 inc p&p to United States  ~ out of stock
Coming to you straight from the other side, and featuring mediums of all sizes (with apologies to Terry Pratchett for stealing his joke), Two Worlds is a small sized monthly magazine devoted to all things spiritualism.

Two worlds has been covering spiritualism since 1887, and each issue features a combination of editorials and features looking at different aspects of spiritualism. You will also find a huge number of listings for spiritualist churches and services across the country, making this perfect for anyone seeking spiritual guidance. A great little magazine that caters to all your spirit healing, clairvoyance, trance reading and psychic needs.

Two Worlds is a 76 page monthly mag that has been covering the very best of spiritualism in the UK since 1887, and features articles on spiritualism in all its forms. The central tenet to all the different disciplines however is belief.

We all need to believe that there is something more to life than simply existence. Whether you believe in one of the panoply of Gods that have risen and fallen throughout the years, place your faith in spiritualism, ghosts, mediums, psychics or spirits, or even if you are a firm adherent to the idea that science explains everything, secretly we all want to believe that we are here for a purpose, that our lives have meaning.

This belief can find an outlet in a huge number of directions, and those who believe that it is spiritualism that offers them answers have just as much reason to believe in it as anyone does who supports a major religion. Whether any of it is true or not is entirely beside the point, something those who are constantly declaiming and trying to disprove spiritualism don’t seem to have picked up on. Faith in spiritualism gives people hope, comfort and friendship – why try and ruin that for someone else?


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